Meg Kindler

"I was able to rehab weaknesses and injuries"

I’ve been athlete all my life. After my college hockey career wrapped, I found CrossFit. I truly enjoyed CrossFit for a few years, but I began to notice nagging injuries, was chronically overtrained, and constantly pressured to cut weight as a means to increase performance. Fortunately, George took me under his wing. I leaned into his methods and trusted the process if you will. I was able to rehab weaknesses and injuries (shoulders/knees), improve quality of life, and became much stronger in the process. I’ve proudly added weight to each my main lifts (including Olympic) and continue to excel in cardiovascular and endurance practices. With these training methods, I was finally able to perform butterfly pull ups and other gymnastic style movements. Most importantly, I enjoy the sense of comradery and community Sharpened Athletics has quickly returned to my life. A final thought, I wish I would’ve had this style of training during my collegiate career, and I highly encourage any athletes to stop by and see what we’re up to.

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