Our World Class Facility

We have everything you need and more to achieve your fitness goals.
Sharpened Athletics is a world class fitness facility serving the local towns of West Bend, Jackson, Grafton, Cedarburg

Sharpened Athletics is group-based training facility that focuses on strength and conditioning. Our members are like iron, and iron sharpens iron, so we all get sharpened together. Over time you may come to realize that you can help other members just as the coach does, this is base foundation of what we strive for, which is members helping members as a family unit. 

No matter your goal, you'll be surrounded by people who have the same intent: to get better. So, whether you're competing in sports, strength sports, military, LEO, want to feel better, or just want friends, Sharpened Athletics can accommodate your needs. 

As a member you are an owner of the facility. It cannot survive without you, and as such you deserve great coaching, equipment, and accommodations.