George Kalioras

Owner/Head Coach
George Kalioras


  • Cross Fit-Level 2
  • Westside Barbell Certified Personal Trainer
  • BLS
  • Pending Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


  • UW-Milwaukee BS Kinesiology
  • minor in Nutritional Science
  • MS Athletic Training 2024


I served 14 years in the Army so far, and the biggest thing I missed is the family comraderie from the squad. I wanted to build a place for the members to feel like they’re at home so they would feel excited about being at the gym. Due to this desire, I founded Sharpened Athletics to bring people together to do more than work out. The community is what makes Sharpened Athletics so different and so strong.

Iron sharpens iron, so we all get sharpened together.

Thank you,



A lot of people ask if they're going to be "in shape" enough to work with us
I always answer with yes, because Sharpened Athletics is a place to be regardless of your fitness or strength. You come to become more fit, healthy, and strong. Movements are taught, scaling is to your fitness level, and you get coached every step of the way.

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